We are waiting you on 10.05.2012

The deadline for both registration and full-paper submission has been extended to 30th April, 2012 so that all potential participants can register and make lodging arrangements for the Conference on "Globalization and Competitiveness in Knowledge-Based Economy".

01.03.2012 – 25.03.2012 – Participants’ registration (filling in the online registration form)

26.03.2012 – 20.04.2012 – Sending the papers in extenso to the email addresses of the contact persons in charge with the particular fields, mentioning in the field „subject”: “article surname_first name of the first author”

21.04.2012 – 27.04.2012 – Review of  papers by the Scientific Committee of the Conference

28.04.2012 – Notification of paper acceptance.

01.05.2012 – 05.05.2012 – Paying the participation fee and sending a copy of the payment document to the email address of each section.

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